Sacha Baron Cohen Responds To The Academy

Sacha Baron Cohen, or rather his character General Aladeen from the upcoming film The Dictator, has responded to the Academy after having his ticket revoked to the Academy Awards and being banned from the Oscar red carpet events.

In a video recording that is a style all his own, Cohen makes light of the situation. Despite the “harsh” words he is delivering, he appears to be amused with the situation. Instead of demeaning the Academy for their decision, he has made a joke of the whole thing. It seems that he is being a good sport about it.

This may be the best drama that has come out of the Academy in some years. As a member of the Academy himself, Cohen has chosen the take the higher ground – at least in the public eye – instead of creating a spectacle.

The video is definitely worth checking out even if you are not familiar with the situation. Cohen is comedy gold! Watching this clip only made me want to check out the film more! It looks like either way the Academy sways, The Dictator will have the last laugh!

Take a look for yourself.