Safe House Writer David Guggenheim Linked With Bad Boys 3 Script


Sony Pictures are currently eyeing Safe House scribe David Guggenheim to pen the script for Bad Boys 3, according to Deadline. The studio, which recently underwent a restructuring process that resulted in Michael De Luca slotting in as co-president of production, hopes to attract the primary stars back to the franchise, namely Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, in order to get the shiny wheels in motion.

At this time, it’s unclear whether Michael Bay will return to direct Bad Boys 3, although we understand that should the film gain some momentum, Jerry Bruckheimer will produce the action-packed threequel. In truth, there hasn’t been much information regarding the potential follow-up since 2009, when novelist Peter Craig was attached to the nascent script.

In terms of Guggenheim, though, his cinematic track is rather fitting for the Bad Boys universe. Having provided the source material for the Nicholas Cage thriller Stolen and 2012’s box office surprise Safe House, the screenwriter would be a good fit for a script that needs to balance comedic chemistry and on-screen mayhem. Incidentally, Guggenheim is currently working on a continuation to Safe House, with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington’s CIA thriller proving to be somewhat of a box office hit last year — earning a respectable $24 million during its opening weekend.

It’s been ten whole years since Marcus Bennett and Mike Lowry took to the streets of Miami as narcotic officers in the MPD. And though Bad Boys 3 remains firmly on the proverbial shelf, this news highlights Sony’s ambition to inject a fresh lease of life into the bombastic series. Heck, it could even lead to a remastered, Bob Marley-inspired Bad Boys theme song. Well, whatcha gonna do, Sony?

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