Saints Row Writer Wants It To Be The Next Insane Film Franchise

Saints Row

Is the stigmatism around cinematic video game adaptations finally beginning to fade away? It certainly seems as if that’s the case, given the recent spate of films coming out of Hollywood.

The Pokémon Company started something when it delivered the most critically well-received movie of its kind last year with Detective Pikachu, and now it appears the entire industry wants a crack at repeating its success. Following a controversial setback, Paramount’s Sonic The Hedgehog will race into theaters at blistering speed in just a few short days, but Sega’s mascot is just the first of many more iconic video game franchises due to make the big screen jump in the near future.

We already know a great deal about next year’s Mortal Kombat reboot, of course, but one such game-to-film flick that remains a mystery is Saints Row. Often likened to Rockstar’s money printing Grand Theft Auto series, Saints Row similarly offers up a digital playground for the player to interact with however they see fit, distinguishing itself from the former with more surreal and bombastic elements, including weaponized sex toys. No, really, that’s a thing.

Anyway, writer Greg Russo has recently provided a status update for the upcoming film over on Twitter and his words are promising, to say the least.

What exactly Russo means by the next “insane film franchise” is anyone’s guess, though, at the very least, it appears as if those involved with the project have an obvious affinity for Deep Silver’s popular creation. With any luck, we’ll find out more about Saints Row as the year goes on, but that’s not the only event fans can look forward to in 2020. Deep Silver recently confirmed that the fifth installment is due to be unveiled sometime this year, likely at E3, so as always, stay tuned for further updates.