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Salvage-happy fans name one good aspect from otherwise bad films

Here's to all the diamonds in the rough.

Daisy Edgar-Jones as Kya, Where the Crawdads Sing (2022)
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There are some parts of a movie that you just can’t help but feel sorry for; maybe you wish they were in a better movie, but then again, there would be no redeeming qualities left in your current viewing. Take Daisy Edgar-Jones’ work in Where the Crawdads Sing, for instance; her performance as Kya was the single golden nugget in this year’s romantic flop, and that alone counts for a whole lot.

With plenty of unwatchable flicks housing saving graces of their own, the good people of r/movies have shown determination in picking out the sole means of redemption in the worst that the big screen has ever had to offer.

The initiator threw shade at Sony’s relatively weak Venom film, but showered the character of Dan, the new boyfriend of Eddie Brock’s ex-girlfriend, with hearty praise, satisfied with how his character avoided the “jerk of a new boyfriend” trope.

It’s always an entertaining conversation when Twilight is brought into the mix, and thanks to the film’s great soundtrack and passable baseball scene (according to one user), it’s free to enter.

The amount of love that Jamie Foxx has shown for this year’s Netflix action comedy Day Shift could be the saving grace in its own right, but despite being a distinctly average vampire movie, fans rightly praised the film’s action scenes, which did feature some sharply entertaining choreography from the vampires in particular.

One user in particular recalled how deeply they loathed Airplane II, the disastrous sequel to the storied parody film Airplane. They would go on, however, to state that William Shatner’s character, who showed up within the final ten minutes of the film, single-handedly made it passable.

They may not always be able to compensate for the whole dumpster fire, but sometimes, picking out the little treats hidden away in bad movies can be a rewarding experience all its own.

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