Sam Mendes Wants An Iconic Henchman For Bond 24

Bond 24 - oddjob

An iconic subsection of Bond villains is the henchmen, as a few of these right-hand men have been more memorable than the masterminds they served. Most notable are the hat-throwing Oddjob and the physical beast Jaws. Now, it looks like Sam Mendes is seeking to create another iconic henchman in Bond 24 with a new character called Hinx.

The description that has hit the web says Hinx will be between 30 and 45, physically fit and over 6’2″. The character will have several altercations with Daniel Craig’s 007 and also a driving scene. Former sports athletes are mentioned, and there’s also a part about anyone very unusual, which is an easy way to create an instantly memorable character.

I’m not sure if they count professionally wrestling as a sports background, but there have been an array of former WWF/WWE stars who have made their way to the silver screen in recent years, most notably Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Dave Bautista. I can’t really see The Rock fitting in a Bond movie too well, but I think the 6’6″ Bautista could definitely play a pretty cool henchman, especially after seeing his performance in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Beyond Bautista, I can’t even begin to think of actors I would like to see as Hinx. I’d say it’s very unlikely they cast someone unknown for this. It seems like the physical appearance is the important bit here and they’ll worry about the acting later on. And I don’t doubt that Mendes will find a way to make that plan of action work out.

Then again, maybe “Hinx” is really just Jaws and Mendes plans to bring back that iconic villain for Bond 24. The description certainly would fit a new take on the metal-mouthed character. Regardless of what route they go with this character, I’m glad that we’ll have a more memorable henchman than an unnamed goon.