Sam Mendes Wanted Gun Barrel Sequence To Open Skyfall

Although Skyfall has been lauded as the best Bond film in a long, long time, a few fans were somewhat disheartened to find that the iconic gun barrel sequence – which usually precedes the opening stunts and credits sequence – was missing again.

Casino Royale, the first in the Daniel Craig series of 007 outings, set up the gun barrel opening within the narrative, and fans thought that Quantum of Solace would then move it into place at the beginning of the film (and there it would stay for future installments). Nope. It was placed unlovingly at the end for reasons unknown.

But Sam Mendes – who directed Skyfall – said that he originally wanted to open the blockbuster hit with the gun barrel sequence but just couldn’t make it work:

“I tried very hard to put the gun barrel at the beginning and my intention was always to do that. If you see the film, the film starts with Bond walking down a corridor towards camera and lifting a gun. And of course the gun barrel is him walking, stopping and lifting a gun. When I put the two together, it looked ridiculous!”

“For me, I love the gunbarrel logo being at the beginning. It’s almost the best bit. Everything is possible in that moment, it’s like Christmas Eve. It was frustrating to be not able to make it work in that way.”

What do you think, Bond fans? Do we need to get this gun barrel sequence in its proper place? Do you prefer it at the end?

Source: Empire