Is Sam Raimi Getting Ready For The Evil Dead 4?

UPDATE: Bruce Campbell has confirmed that the film is a remake and it is happening. He took to Twitter to tell a fan: “Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.”

Original Story:

Is this the day that Evil Dead fans everywhere have been waiting for? Is it finally all coming together? Is Sam Raimi finally getting around to making The Evil Dead 4? According to Bloody Disgusting, the answer may be a resounding yes! The website claims that long-time Sam Raimi editor, Bob Murawski is currently working on prepping the film, which is said to be “a small indie thing like the first two.”

We know, it’s not much to go on and there are a ton of questions that stem from this. Is it a remake or sequel? Is Bruce Campbell going to be involved? Would Raimi be directing? Is this even official?

Truthfully, we could be getting excited about nothing. This may be completely false and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be yet another rumor involving a possible Evil Dead 4.

Whatever the case may be, I’m going to try and remain optimistic. If Raimi and Campbell were both involved in this, I’d be first in line to see it. While I’m not sure if a series like The Evil Dead would still go over well in today’s day and age, it would definitely please long time fans, like myself. Would it catch on though with those who have never seen the first three? Likely not.

Plus, even if this is true, when would Raimi make the film? He has Oz: The Great and Powerful coming up which is no small undertaking and he has also been linked to a possible World of Warcraft film. If he is indeed planning a return to the world of Ash Williams, it may be a while. I’m willing to wait though, are you?