Sam Raimi Will Return To Horror After Spending Time In Oz


With Oz: The Great and Powerful coming out next March, we might not have expected to hear more on the Sam Raimi front for a little while. Luckily, horror geeks and fans of The Evil Dead can now soberly rejoice! as Raimi plans to return to horror in the near future.

The Film Stage reports that the director is writing a horror movie with his brother (which one, Sam? Which one?) and is considering directing the film too.

Horror is in the Raimi family’s blood after all. Sam Raimi made his name with The Evil Dead comedy-horror franchise and returned to the genre with the acerbic Drag Me To Hell in 2009. Brother Ted Raimi claims and acting credit on Army of Darkness and Ivan Raimi wrote the script for Drag Me to Hell.

Yes, Sam will likely be remembered in many circles as the director of those first Spider-Man movies but even Spider-Man 3 cannot dampen the exciting prospect of a Raimi return to horror.

Of course, with the remake of The Evil Dead set to hit theatres in April, and Oz coming out next Spring, it’s unlikely that we’ll hear more about this for a while. It’s something to look forward to, though. Anything involving lots of Sam Raimi and no webslingers is just fine in my book.

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