The Evil Dead Is Coming To Drive-in Theaters This Weekend

The Evil Dead

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve watched The Evil Dead, it remains just as endlessly entertaining every single time. And if you’re eager to catch it on the big screen once more, now you can.

Indie film distribution company Grindhouse Releasing is bringing the classic horror movie to drive-in theaters from Saturday, June 13th onward. The first screening is set to be at Pride’s Corner Drive-In in Westbrook, Maine and according to the distributor, more locations will be added and announced shortly. So, if you’re really missing your regular theater outings, this could be the next best thing. The event has even been retweeted by Bruce Campbell himself, so it’s El Jefe approved.

Last Halloween, Grindhouse Releasing distributed a 4K cut of The Evil Dead in cinemas, accompanied by a new soundtrack from the original composer Joseph LoDuca. Speaking to Bloody Disgusting, the company said:

“We’re now releasing the original version to drive-ins – scanned from the 16mm camera negative in 2K with Joe’s original score and soundtrack. If exhibitors want to show the 4K DCP of ‘Evil Dead Reimagined’, we can supply it, so it depends on the individual drive-ins. (I know of at least one that will be showing the Reimagined cut, and another drive-in that’s showing it in 35mm.)”

In a recent interview with Empire, Bruce Campbell confirmed that a new movie in the franchise, titled Evil Dead Now, is in the works. However, Campbell’s character Ash Williams won’t be in it and the film will feature a female protagonist instead. Plot details remain non-existent, unfortunately, and all we know for sure is that Lee Cronin is writing and directing it. As for a release date? Well, Campbell said “we’re going to get that sucker out as soon as practical,” so hopefully it’s not too far off.

In any case, with the spinoff TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead getting canceled and the new movie still brewing in development, the drive-in experience is the only version of The Evil Dead we’re destined to get for a while, so you’d be wise to check it out if it’s playing at a location near you.