Sam Trammell Shifts To Long Time Gone

Sam Trammell, also known as Sam Merlotte, hometown bar-owner, stickler landlord, and resident Bon Temps shapeshifter of True Blood, has joined the cast of Long Time Gone, the directorial debut of Sarah Siegel-Magness. Trammell will play a supporting character, a landscaper who hires the lead characters’ son.

Long Time Gone is based on the novel Angel, Angel by April Stevens and it centers on a ruined family whose father leaves the mother for a new woman. Anthony LaPaglia plays the husband, Virginia Madsen is his wife, and their two sons are played by Zach Gilford and newcomer Graham Rogers, who plays Henry, the son to work with Trammell’s character.

Sam Trammell is one of the unspoken stars of True Blood, always playing the supporting character to Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard‘s lead. While Sam’s storylines haven’t been integral to the plot in recent seasons, he always remains a reliable staple for fans of True Blood.

Since his True Blood fame, Trammell also scored a supporting role in The Details, a dark comedy starring Tobey Maguire and Elizabeth Banks that played at Sundance.

I feel like Sam Trammell has paid his dues as Alan Ball‘s lackey; it’s time for him to get some serious movie roles and I hope this film is successful and brings him a bit more recognition.

Will you be seeing Long Time Gone?