Samuel L. Jackson Reportedly Eyed For Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Role

Sonic The Hedgehog

For a long time there, it looked as though Sonic the Hedgehog was set to become the latest big screen video game adaptation that bombed with both critics and fans. The first trailer didn’t exactly inspire much confidence, after all, and that’s without even mentioning the rather horrifying original appearance of the titular character, which led the creative team to go back to the drawing board to redesign Sonic. And thankfully, it worked wonders.

Indeed, Sonic the Hedgehog ended up taking many people by surprise when it turned out to be pretty enjoyable overall, scoring generally solid reviews and bringing in over $300 million at the box office. Naturally, then, talk has turned towards sequels and spinoffs and with a second outing already confirmed, it seems that the pieces are beginning to fall into place.

The Illuminerdi reports that Sonic the Hedgehog will begin production this coming May and as expected, Knuckles the Red Echidna will show up in the film. It won’t be just a cameo, either, as the outlet says that it’ll be a substantial role, with casting now underway. But that’s not all.

Perhaps even more exciting is that both Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson are being eyed for the sequel. Apparently, the producers want an A-list actor to make a surprise cameo and those are two of the names that have been thrown around. Though as of yet, no one is signed on officially.

It certainly seems like big plans are in store for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, then, and with any luck, we’ll hear more about it as it inches closer to its May start date. As always, watch this space for further updates.