Samuel L. Jackson Signs On To Play The President In Big Game


Tarantino alumni Samuel L. Jackson will step up to play the president in Big Game. The actor, who’s tackled a host of roles since his career started, has never been in the running to play POTUS. Now he’ll get the chance in director Jalmari Helander’s English-language debut.

Big Game is being touted as an action thriller which follows the story of 13-year old Oskari. A reserved boy, he must undergo an endurance test established by his forefathers. The test? To spend one day and one night alone in the vast woods, armed only with a bow and arrow. In order to pass the test Oskari must return with a prize to prove himself. When Air Force One is shot down, the shy youngster discovers the President in an escape pod. The two unite to fight against the terrorists responsible. Quite a prize.

The Finnish director is on the rise following his flick Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. Uncovering the truth behind Santa Claus, Rare Exports made its debut at Locarno back in 2010.

On board to serve as executive producer is 28 Weeks Later and Dredd producer, Alex Garland. Production outfit Altitude will open the film at this year’s Cannes. It’s currently set to start shooting this autumn in Finland and Germany. Altitude revealed they intend the film to be an:

“..adrenaline-fuelled action adventure that takes the universal rite-of-passage theme of iconic 80s films, such as ‘E.T.’ and ‘The Karate Kid,’ and brilliantly combines this with the visceral thrill of high-concept action classics such as ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Taken.’”

While the story might sound like your standard actioner, Altitude’s attitude to the film’s tone suggests they’re aiming for a playful caper. Jackson’s got the clout and experience to bring his game (ahem).

We’ll just have to wait until Cannes to see who wants to play Big Game and if any other stars sign on.