Samuel L. Jackson Mocks The Avengers In New Incredibles 2 Promo


We might have just seen Samuel L. Jackson turn up for a cameo in Avengers: Infinity War as Nick Fury, but that’s not the last time the actor will appear in a superhero movie this year. Next month brings us Pixar’s Incredibles 2, which will feature Jackson reprising his original role from back in 2005 – the super-cool, freeze-themed hero known as Frozone. But it seems he’s getting the two films a bit confused.

In this fan-pleasing new promo for Incredibles 2, the actor addresses the camera and recites his iconic monologue from The Avengers, which was recently retooled for Infinity War‘s marketing. “There was an idea,” he intones, as what looks like the Avengers logo forms behind him. “To bring together a group of remarkable people. To see if we could become something more.”

The Marvel-esque music then cuts out to reveal Jackson standing in front of the Incredibles logo instead, as Mr. Incredible himself, Craig T. Nelson, is seen next to him and reminds Jackson that he’s meant to be promoting that other superhero movie he’s working on.

Though brief and not really containing any new footage, this is still a great bit of marketing from Disney, using the fact that they own both Marvel Studios and Pixar to offer up a bit of superhero cross-promotion between Infinity War and Incredibles 2. It also teases that the upcoming sequel might take a playful approach to the comic book genre. After all, the trend for superhero cinema has increased an exponential amount since The Incredibles was released 13 years ago.

In fact, the plot for Pixar’s next effort may well be inspired by the glut of movie superheroes that are out there nowadays. From what we understand, Incredibles 2 will see the public mood shifting back towards the supers community, which means a new generation of heroes will start appearing. The team will call themselves The Wannabes and will feature the likes of Voyd, Brick, He-Lectrix and Screech.

Incredibles 2 smashes into cinemas in one month’s time, on June 15th, and thanks to this new teaser, we’re now hoping that next year will bring an Avengers 4 promo consisting of Nick Fury asking Maria Hill where his super suit is.

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