Samuel L. Jackson Faces The Open Wilderness In Big Game Trailer



Samuel L. Jackson may be cracking jokes and causing nine kinds of crazy in Matthew Vaughn’s soon-to-be-released Kingsman: The Secret Service, but the actor is set to put down the exploding pens and high-tech equipment for his next outing, Big Game, which will have him play the President of the United States cast astray in the Finnish wilderness.

Even from the first trailer that hit the Internet at the turn of the year, it was immediately clear that Jalmari Helander’s upcoming actioner isn’t one to take itself seriously; heck, this is the director that delivered what is arguably one of the most offbeat “festive” films in recent memory in Rare Exports. And this absurd, B-movie tone is reinforced in the latest trailer for the movie, which Empire has debuted exclusively. You can head on through to view the new clip here.

As we alluded to earlier, Big Game will see Jackson star as the most powerful man on the planet who is forced to make ties to a wise beyond his years, 13-year-old boy that acts as his only hope after Air Force One is shot down over the Finnish sky. It’s a premise that warrants big explosives and even bigger winks toward the camera, as Helander looks set to turn a fair few genre conventions on their head. Ray Stevenson, Felicity Huffman, Ted Levine, Victor Garber are also on board.

Samuel L. Jackson will star as the AWOL POTUS when Big Game hits UK theaters on May 8.


The fate of the most powerful man in the world lies in the hands of a 13-year-old boy. Plunged into a deadly game of cat and mouse, Oskari and the president must team up to survive the most extraordinary night of their lives.

Source: Empire

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