Samuel L. Jackson literally calls bullsh*t on Jonah Hill cursing more onscreen

Samuel L. Jackson spent years as the King of swearing on the silver screen. His performances in Quentin Tarantino’s movies established him as the most foul-mouthed actor in Hollywood, with a 2020 survey saying Jackie Brown alone saw him swearing 6.9 times every 1,000 words.

But Jackson was dethroned in 2013 as Jonah Hill’s performance in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street won him the title with an astonishing 22.9 swears every 1,000 words. This means Hill (as of 2020) had uttered 376 swear words throughout his career, putting him considerably above Jackson. Even worse, The Wolf of Wall Street is so sweary it even propelled Leonardo DiCaprio into second place.

As expected, the Pulp Fiction star isn’t happy about being bumped down to third. In yesterday’s appearance on The Tonight Show Fallon put the data to him. His response:

“Who won? That’s some bullsh*t. I mean, no. No. No way, man. No way, man, come on. Jonah Hill, really? I don’t believe that. Someone has miscounted.”

Jackson will soon return to his most famous role i.e., MCU’s Nick Fury in Disney Plus’ upcoming show Secret Invasion. The story will see Skrull shapeshifters impersonating various heroes with the intent of taking over the Earth. Fury, who’s been on an extended sojourn to outer space, looks to be one of the few people with knowledge of the plan and is on a mission to expose the alien threat.

It should be a fun ride, though given it’s a Marvel Studios production Jackson won’t have the opportunity to regain his title as the most foul-mouthed actor in Hollywood. Perhaps he should call up Tarantino and ask him to write a particularly sweary role so he can beat back Hill and DiCaprio?

Secret Invasion will air on Disney Plus in late 2022.