San Andreas Co-Writer Scripting New High Concept Horror Thriller

San Andreas

Disaster epic San Andreas is one of many Dwayne Johnson movies that had a sequel announced, only to quickly fall through the cracks of development hell, never to be seen or head from again. Joe Passmore co-wrote the story for the $474 million box office success with Andre Fabrizio, but he’s finally landed his next project.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Passmore has sold high concept original horror thriller Thaw to New Line Cinema, which is set to be produced by famed independent banner Gunpowder & Sky, who were responsible for word-of-mouth hit Summer of 84 and Sam Raimi’s 50 States of Fright anthology.

San Andreas

Plot details remain scarce, but it’s been described as an environmental spin on the genre, so we can glean from the title that Thaw could have something to do with global warming, climate change or something dangerous and deadly lurking beneath the ice.

New Line are one of the industry’s foremost purveyors of successful scares, with the studio currently in production on the Salem’s Lot remake, while The Devil Made Me Do It recently saw The Conjuring Universe surpass $2 billion to stretch its lead as the single highest-grossing horror property in history, so Thaw is in very safe hands as it moves forward.