Adam Sandler & Andy Samberg’s Red Band Trailer For That’s My Boy

Upon discovering that in the upcoming comedy That’s My Boy, Andy Samberg would Adam Sandler‘s son, I initially thought of it as clever casting.  This is despite the mere twelve year age difference between the two stars, though that’s not as bad as when Angelina Jolie played Colin Farrell‘s mother in Alexander, so I can overlook that fact.

What I cannot overlook, however, is that That’s My Boy does not appear to be all that funny, which is a shocker considering who the film’s two main stars are. Admittedly, Sandler hasn’t exactly produced much quality lately when it comes to his film but I did enjoy Grown Ups, as flawed as it may have been.

Granted, I know that Sandler’s or Samberg’s movies are not supposed to be Oscar contenders, but one should expect more.  Maybe comedies like The Hangover and Easy A have spoiled me, but what is more disappointing is remembering there was as time where not all of Sandler’s movies were unbearable to sit through.

In fact, I love most of the films earlier on within his career. Yes, some of them could even be considered guilty pleasures, but at least they still made me laugh unlike some of his recent efforts, namely the horrid Jack and Jill.

Though I don’t expect much from That’s My Boy, something tells me that people will flock to the film based on Sandler’s and Samberg’s star power alone.

That’s My Boy opens next Friday, June 15th. Check out the red band trailer below.

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