Sandra Bullock And Cate Blanchett Hit Up The Big Apple In First Ocean’s Eight Set Photos

Production is officially underway on the New York set of Ocean’s Eight, the female-fronted sequel in the works from The Hunger Games director Gary Ross, and we now have the first photos to prove it.

First spotted by Coming Soon, in the gallery above you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett hitting up the Big Apple – and little else. What we do know is that Bullock and Blanchett will anchor the crime caper as co-leads, assuming George Clooney and Brad Pitt-esque roles, if you like. The ensemble for Ocean’s Eight will be filled out by Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling and Awkwafina.

Taking the reins from franchise creator Steven Soderbergh – he’s still on board to produce – Ross has been quick to stress in the past that this reimagining is very much “an extension and a continuation” of the story, as opposed to a by-the-numbers remake. That means the filmmaker is out to retain the slick editing that helped separate the Ocean films from the pack, not to mention the compelling interplay between the leading cast members.

This is very much an extension and a continuation. We discuss the cinema a lot, the shooting style, the rhythm, the editing style, and the music. We discuss it all. I’m in no way trying to reinvent the tone, and I’m thrilled and honored to be extending it. It’s really fun to work with.

Assembling a crack team of crooks, Bullock and Blanchett’s tricksters will be out to steal a prized necklace from the Met Ball in an attempt to frame the nefarious owner. Could George Clooney or even Brad Pitt have a cameo in the movie? Unlikely, but there’s always the possibility of a sequel.

Ocean’s Eight has been tentatively slated to open opposite Paramount’s Transformers spinoff on June 8, 2018.