Sandra Bullock jokes that Channing Tatum asked her to be in ‘Magic Mike 3’

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Steven Soderbergh confirmed that his nascent partnership with HBO Max was set to continue for at least a little while longer, after Channing Tatum revealed that Magic Mike’s Last Dance was officially a go for the streaming service.

It’s been six years since sequel Magic Mike XXL was released, so it came as a surprise that director Soderbergh, star Tatum and writer Reid Carolin would be getting the band back together when we hadn’t even heard so much as a rumor that the project was coming together behind the scenes.

So far, the aforementioned trio are the only talents attached to Magic Mike’s Last Dance, but it’s not for a lack of trying. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Sandra Bullock revealed that her Lost City of D co-star had attempted to gauge her interest in coming aboard, but the Academy Award winner hilariously claimed she didn’t want to steal anybody’s thunder.

“He’s doing a lot of asking for me to come on board with my skills in the stripping world, which they’re world renowned. I don’t know if I wanna do it and take the attention away. Channing needs that moment, and if I step on stage, you know what’s gonna happen, it’s like, all eyes are gonna be on this. It’s all gonna be on mama.”

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Presumably, there will be a place in the ensemble for those to have appeared in the first two installments like Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, Olivia Munn, Gabriel Iglesias and the rest, but we shouldn’t be hedging our bets on Bullock swinging by Magic Mike’s Last Dance to shower the cast with a rogue stack of dollar bills.