Santa Found Footage Flick 12/24 Claimed By 1492 Pictures


Though many wish it would, the found footage genre shows no sign of dying out anytime soon as this week, the holiday themed 12/24, written by Matt Lieberman, has been acquired by 1492 Pictures, established by director Chris Columbus.  Among the titles 1492 has produced in the past are Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Fantastic Four films.

12/24 focuses on two brothers armed with a video camera who seek to obtain proof of Santa Clause’s existence, as is the plan of most youngsters during Christmas time. They end up accompanying jolly Saint Nick as he makes his yearly delivery of gifts to the deserving girls and boys. During this adventure that any child would envy, the brothers accidentally crash Santa’s sleigh. Now they must do all they can to prevent the cancellation of the much anticipated holiday, as nobody wants to be remember as the child who ruined Christmas for all.

The plot was an original concept from David Guggenheim, the screenwriter for the thrillers Safe House and Stolen. Along with Madhouse Entertainment, he will be producing alongside Mark Radcliffe, Michael Barnathan and Chris Columbus for 1492 Pictures.

The found footage gimmick has certainly been overused and misplaced in the past from movies hoping to cash in on the trail blazed by previous successes. The acclaim for films such as The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield simply cannot be denied. While the quality is debatable, more so with each passing sequel, the Paranormal Activity franchise has also been exceedingly profitable.

Then there are the disappointing misses like 2012’s The Bay and Project X. If the once exciting style has any hopes of not producing cynical groans from audiences, it needs another hit. Perhaps 12/24 will remind viewers that found footage can still bring about almost tangible thrills and not just motion sickness.

What do you think?