Santiago Cabrera Enlists For Transformers: The Last Knight, Samurai Autobot Drift To Return


Paramount’s starry cast for Transformers: The Last Knight has grown by one today.

According to an Instagram post, the latest in line to join Michael Bay’s blockbuster sequel is Santiago Cabrera, the actor best known for his roles across Heroes and Merlin. No word yet on who Cabrera will be playing when The Last Knight descends into theaters, though his addition isn’t the only casting to report.

Just as Michael Bay introduced an all-new, pint-sized Autobot to the fray late last week, there’s now confirmation that Drift, the slick Bugatti V that slashed and dashed its way into Age of Extinction, will return in the 2017 sequel. You can check out a sun-kissed action shot of the robot in disguise, below.

As for the human cast at the heart of Transformers: The Last Knight, it’s packed to the rafters with faces old and new. Reuniting with his old partner in crime, it’s been confirmed that Tyrese Gibson has come aboard to join forces with the returning Josh Duhamel. Elsewhere, there are also roles for Mark Wahlberg, newcomer Isabela Moner and the great Anthony Hopkins in an undisclosed, possibly villainous role.

Transformers: The Last Knight is set for theatrical release on June 17, 2017. Further down Paramount’s slate, there’s also word of Transformers 6 deploying into theaters on June 8, 2018 when Bumblebee will take center stage. Finally, Transformers 7 – or whatever title the studio slaps on the sequel – is on course to drop on June 28, 2019.


Source: Instagram