New Sarah Connor Photo Puts The Dark In Terminator: Dark Fate


Someone once told Sarah Connor, way back in 1984, that a storm was coming. Now, for the sake of humanity, our action hero must grab her umbrella (see: rocket launcher) to fight pesky robots in the upcoming quasi-reboot Terminator: Dark Fate. Up until recently, the promotion machine hadn’t really started turning, but as of late, the folks at Paramount Pictures have been cranking up the heat.

We got our first look at the film proper last week with the debut trailer roaring onto the internet with little regard for collateral damage. We’re now starting to focus on the returning Terminator terminator, Linda Hamilton, as the aforementioned Sarah Connor. The T2 star hadn’t returned to the franchise since that 1991 blockbuster, but is now back and more badass than ever. The black and white promo picture, posted to Instagram, shows a world-weary woman, ready for inter-temporal war. The tagline stirs nostalgia, with the snapshot simply captioned: “She’s back.”

I, for one, am very glad to see a returning face outside of Arnie and his grizzled, five-o-clock shadowed maw. I’m also glad the franchise wasn’t given to some corporate hack, like how Genesys was given to that Thor: The Dark World director who’s not important enough to mention. Is Mr. Deadpool himself, Tim Miller, gonna be able to make something comparable to Judgement Day? No, nobody ever will. But hey, nothing can be as bad as, again, Genesys.

The most curious aspect of the film is the retcon to the series, since it’s been stated that the pic takes place after T2, kinda like how last year’s Halloween was a direct sequel to the OG 1978 film. With time travel, anything is possible, I guess, plus the last two movies were all sorts of awful.

In any case, I genuinely do hope it’s good. I never want a film to be bad, I’m just not terribly hopeful anymore. Maybe Linda’s badassery can make Terminator: Dark Fate worth it, though?

Source: Instagram

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