Final Destination Reboot On The Way From Saw Writers


Mere days after actor Tony Todd went on record explaining why there probably won’t be another Final Destination movie, THR has reported plans for just that, sharing the news that New Line Cinema has hired writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to pen a “re-imagining” of the popular horror series.

The pair of scribes have a fair amount of experience in the genre, having previously worked together on several of the Saw sequels, along with 2012’s Piranha 3DD. Evidently, New Line isn’t aiming to make a real critic-pleaser here, but then again, the Final Destination movies usually didn’t garner the best reviews either, and seeing how Saw was another popular franchise that was based around watching people die in highly elaborate ways, Melton and Dunstan seem like pretty natural fits for the series.

In any case, going back to Todd’s comments from earlier this week, the actor who played William Bludworth in three of the five Final Destination films observed that while the movies continued to draw in audiences, there are currently other horror properties out there like the Annabelle flicks that can yield comparable box office figures without the need for big, expensive spectacles.


That may be one reason for why there hasn’t been an installment in the franchise since 2011’s Final Destination 5, but either way, it seems that New Line believes the time is right to send another set of teenagers into a series of gruesome accidents. Between this and Jordan Peele’s Candyman, that makes two horror reboots that Todd is currently waiting to hear if he’s involved in.

In any case, details remain vague for the next Final Destination, but at least we now know that the series isn’t yet done making filmgoers worry that they’ll die in embarrassingly mundane yet insanely extravagant ways.

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