MCU Fans Are Defending Scarlet Witch As The Strongest Avenger


Entertainment Weekly kicked off a fun game last night that got Marvel fans talking on social media – but kind of for the wrong reasons. EW attached a price to each of the heroes of the MCU and gave us a budget of $15. Our mission? To assemble the perfect Avengers team. The only problem is, folks were not happy with the way that certain heroes were rated. Most of all, Scarlet Witch.

While some of the franchise’s leading heroes were $5, many second generation characters sat at $4. Three of the Guardians, Loki and Wasp then filled out the $3 category. This left Wanda Maximoff sitting on the penultimate level, worth a mere $2. She’s even listed next to Happy Hogan, the only character on the grid who isn’t an actual superhero.

Now, there’s a positive way of looking at this, which is that you can definitely afford to squeeze a hugely useful asset like Wanda onto your team as she’s so cheap. However, Scarlet Witch lovers were mostly furious that EW had rated her so lowly on the list, especially as non-powered characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye were much higher.

In fact, they were so annoyed that Scarlet Witch trended worldwide on Twitter last night and this morning, with fans piling onto social media to argue that she’s the real strongest Avenger.

Here’s a not-so-gentle reminder of some of Wanda’s most powerful moments.

Is it against the rules to have a team of Wandas?

The most powerful/the strongest Avenger.

If you don’t even know who she is, you will after rewatching this scene.

And, while we’re at it, let’s send some love to Wanda’s android BF Vision, too. He’s up for sale for even cheaper, at just $1. Haven’t they seen what he can do when he’s fully juiced?

Scarlet Witch might be under-appreciated now, but hopefully that will change after WandaVision comes out and the heroine gets her own vehicle at last. It’s currently scheduled to hit Disney Plus this December, but that will likely change given the state of the world. As always, watch this space for more.