Scarlett Johansson Addresses If Hawkeye Will Be In Black Widow

Avengers: Endgame

Over the weekend, Marvel Studios finally announced what’s coming our way in Phase 4, revealing their entire slate for the next two years of superhero cinema and television. And in news that probably didn’t surprise too many people, it turns out that the MCU’s new era will begin with the long-awaited Black Widow spinoff.

As you surely heard, the character’s standalone outing will shoot its way into theaters on May 1st, 2020, which gives us ample time to continue to speculate on the Cate Shortland-helmed movie. Thanks to the various set photos, there’s already a fair bit we know about the pic, but one thing that still hasn’t been confirmed is whether or not Hawkeye will show up.

Indeed, Clint Barton has been rumored for a role in the spinoff for some time now but when pressed for confirmation, Johansson wouldn’t budge. Speaking in a recent interview, she refused to spill on a possible cameo for her fellow Avenger, saying:

“That’s when you see the tranq gun come out. My lips are sealed. You got to wait and see.”

While the actress is keeping quiet, we’ve heard from a few different sources already that Clint will factor into Black Widow somehow – likely in a small cameo role. And though that remains to be confirmed by Marvel Studios, it would certainly make sense.

After all, we know that the movie is shooting at least some of its scenes in Hungary. And given that there was an incident that occurred with Nat and Clint in Budapest that’s been mentioned in the MCU many times now, it seems likely that we’ll finally see what it is in Black Widow. Maybe it’ll even end up being how the two heroes meet for the first time?

We’ll have to wait and see, but for now, we’d say that the chances of Hawkeye showing up in the spinoff are looking pretty good and as soon as we get some confirmation, we’ll be sure to let you know.