Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Reveals The Red Dot In New Poster


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark continues to tease out the terror with a brand new poster introducing fans to the live-action take on the book’s horrifying tale The Red Dot.

Guillermo Del Toro’s next endeavor in the realm of horror will be the upcoming film based on the series of spooky short stories written by Alvin Schwartz. The Academy Award-winner will be receiving a “story by credit” as well as taking up producing responsibilities, ensuring that this adaptation is sure to make moviegoers consider sleeping with the lights on long after the credits have rolled.

The latest tease of the highly anticipated scary movie is in the form of an unnerving poster showcasing The Red Dot. Without spoiling the short story, from the looks of this creepy imagery it seems this one vividly illustrates every teenager’s worst nightmare when it comes to zits. Yikes!

The source material revolves around a group of teens stumbling upon a mansion with a young girl living inside who has some rather horrible secrets that she’s been keeping. The result of this encounter leads the unsuspecting teens to experience some truly awful horrors and from the looks of this poster, they won’t be an easy thing to face.

From what everyone saw in the teaser spots during the Super Bowl and all the marketing materials that have followed, this motion picture is shaping up to another great addition to the horror genre. A full-length trailer is undoubtedly on the way at some point and fans better brace themselves, because what’s been showcased so far is the kind of stuff nightmares are truly made of.

It will be interesting to see how Del Toro and director André Øvredal (The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Trollhunter) bring these tales of terror to life on the big screen, but it’s hard to imagine this collaboration producing anything that will disappoint. Either way, audiences everywhere will get to enjoy the end result when Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark opens on August 9th.

Source: Twitter