New Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Trailer Will Leave You Terrified


There are few horror franchises capable of appealing to people’s nostalgia more than Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. It may be a while since you’ve read the books, but many are probably familiar with them from their youth as they surely served as a jumping point for a lot of people in terms of generating their interest in the horror genre, urban myths and the macabre in general.

Clearly, then, there’s a lot of excitement over the upcoming motion picture adaptation. Not only does it have Guillermo del Toro attached in a producing capacity, but André Øvredal, who brought us Trollhunter and The Autopsy of Jane Doe, is directing. Beyond that though, it also looks quite good, as evidenced by this new trailer.

Seen up above is a spooky and unsettling glimpse of what might just be one of the genre’s biggest hits this year. Granted, trailers can always be deceiving, but the buzz surrounding the film is pretty strong at the moment and again, we definitely like what we see here.

For those unfamiliar with the property, the source material revolves around a group of teens who come across a mansion with a young girl living inside who has some pretty nasty secrets that she’s been keeping. Ultimately, this leads to them experiencing some truly awful horrors, a couple of which can be glimpsed in the preview up above.

All things considered, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is shaping up to another promising addition to the horror genre and looks like the kind of stuff nightmares are truly made of. Some might be skeptical of how del Toro and Øvredal will bring these tales of terror to life on the big screen, but we can’t imagine that the final product will underwhelm. Either way though, audiences across the world will get the chance to see what the two filmmakers have cooked up when Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark opens on August 9th.