New Behind The Scenes Look At Captain America: Civil War


You might think that Marvel has everything planned out months or years in advance, but based on comments from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, it very much sounds like the decision to include that scene from Captain America: Civil War at the end of Ant-Man was more coincidence than anything else.

In the video above, he explains why the decision was made to have that conversation between Captain America and The Falcon as the movie’s after-credits scene, while we also get to see some new behind the scenes footage of it being shot. The clip comes from the recently released Marvel Phase 2 box set, a collection which has already given us a first look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.


Personally, I think this was a great way to end Ant-Man, especially after it was revealed that The Falcon was looking for him, and the scene from Captain America: Civil War still has people talking. Initially, it was about what the “Accords” might be, but now it’s how exactly Steve went about capturing Bucky (more of this scene was shown off in the trailer).

Regardless, this is a very cool new behind the scenes look at Captain America: Civil War and a fascinating explanation of how the decision was made to put the scene where it ended up.