Sci-Fi Spoof Featuring 42 Star Trek Actors To Premiere This August

Star Trek

This is one for the C-movie connoisseurs among you.

For those of you who don’t know (you won’t), there’s a new sci-fi spoof on the way called Unbelievable!!!!! It stars Snoop Dogg, 42 former Star Trek actors, Michael Madsen, and a ficus on a skateboard. That ought to answer all of your questions.

In the can for what appears to have been an eternity (some of the footage dates back as far as 2013), the film does at last have a release date. I say at last, but I’m not sure it was at the top of anyone’s list of movie treasure troves. Anyway, if you’re feeling particularly trashy (there’s no shame in that), sit down for Unbelievable!!!!! in an online premiere this August 1st. The premiere will also come with a virtual convention.

Two more items on the agenda to go through. One is the trailer, which will do a better job than I could ever hope to on informing you of what to expect. Informing, warning, one or the other. Check it out up above, as I feel I’ve fulfilled all the advisory requirements expected of me. The decision is in your hands now.

Back from the trailer? Need a stiff drink? If you’re a Trekkie, this part ought to take your mind off it. Below is a list of all 42 of those Star Trek actors featured in the movie. See which names you can recognize (and from which series):

Robert Picardo, Linda Park, Manu Intiraymi, Armin Shimerman, Vaughn Armstrong, Gary Graham, Anthony Montgomery, Marina Sirtis, Nana Visitor, Walter Koenig, Michael Dorn, Julie Warner, Dina Meyer, Olivia d’Abo, Jeffrey Combs, John Billingsley, Max Grodénchik, Casey Biggs, Gary Lockwood, Michael Forest, Jack Donner, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Brenda Bakke, Patti Yasutake, Steve Rankin, Michael Dante, Sean Kenney, BarBara Luna, Beverly Washburn, Celeste Yarnall, Bobby Clark, Jasmine Anthony, Menina Fortunato, McKenzie Westmore, Crystal Allen, and Christopher Doohan.

You know that point in the closing credits when the screen becomes a wall of names? Yeah, something like that. See all of them in Unbelievable!!!!! action on August 1st, when the film makes its big premiere online.