Scorpion And Sub-Zero Prepare For Battle In Mortal Kombat BTS Photos

Mortal Kombat

Little more than a month stands between Mortal Kombat fans and the realization of a dream that many thought would never materialize.

We are, after all, talking about a movie that showed few signs of getting off the ground after suffering years of floundering in development hell, but here we are. Earth’s finest warriors will be going toe to toe with the forces of Outworld to decide both realms’ fate next month in what promises to be a faithful adaptation of NetherRealm Studios’ long-running fighting game series. All the iconic characters (barring one glaring omission) one would expect to see make an appearance will be present and accounted for in this martial arts flick and Nerdist has now obtained a batch of new BTS photos showing the cast getting ready to perform for our entertainment.

Check out the stills featuring Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang and Cole Young – played by Hiroyuki Sanada, Joe Taslim, Ludi Lin and Lewis Tan respectively – for yourself in the gallery down below.

If the last of those names doesn’t ring a bell, it’s due to Tan’s role being created exclusively for the film. While we’ve heard little in regards to his importance in the wider narrative, last month’s trailer teased that Young has unknown ties to Shang Tsung’s ancient tournament and bears a birthmark in the shape of its logo. Other rumors suggest that he may also have ties either to the Lin Kuei or Shirai Ryu clans that Sub-Zero and Scorpion belong to, but again, this remains pure speculation.

As usual, audiences will just have to wait and see what comes of this mysterious heritage when Mortal Kombat takes over theaters on April 16th. For folks unable to access their local cinema due to closures caused by COVID-19, Warner Bros. will be providing the pic on their streaming platform HBO Max for a period of one month from the same date.