Scotland Yard Investigating New Sexual Assault Allegation Against Kevin Spacey


UK police are investigating new accusations of sexual harassment made against Kevin Spacey.

The alleged incident took place in 2005, when Spacey was still serving as artistic director of London’s Old Vic theater. This new allegation was brought to the attention of Scotland Yard mere days after the Old Vic posted results from its own internal investigation, confirming 20 personal testimonies of alleged inappropriate behavior. Neither Kevin Spacey nor his representatives have responded at press time.

Similar to the 2008 assault, this new claim alleges an assault took place on a man in Lambeth back in 2005, which is just a stone’s throw away from the Old Vic. Scotland Yard has since confirmed officers from the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command are looking into the complaint.

In its statement last week, the renown theater said it “truly apologizes” for not creating a safe, stable work environment:

We are now actively engaged in the process of healing and the process of prevention. These allegations have been a shock and a disturbing surprise to many of us. It is incorrect, unfair and irresponsible to say that everybody knew.

It’s no secret that Kevin Spacey’s career has been left in tatters by the allegations, and that’s despite the optimism of Bryan Cranston. Online giant Netflix has ceased production of House of Cards for the foreseeable future, while Spacey has also been cut from All the Money in the World. Ridley Scott’s true-life kidnapping drama had already completed principal photography at the time of Anthony Rapp’s accusations, but that didn’t prevent Scott from recruiting Christopher Plummer in the role of late oil tycoon, John Paul Getty. The film is still scheduled to arrive late next month, just in time for Oscar season.

Currently seeking “evaluation and treatment,” Kevin Spacey has been attending a rehab clinic in Arizona, but we imagine there’s no coming back from this. Elsewhere, Hollywood continues to shed light on its many skeletons, with Pixar brass John Lasseter being the latest to big-name executive to be placed under the spotlight.