Did Scott Derrickson Just Confirm His Involvement With Doctor Strange 2?


To date, Marvel Studios have done a commendable job when it came to making the likes of Iron Man and Thor household names. Really, they weren’t exactly well known to the general public outside of comic book readers before their motion pictures took off.

Not surprisingly, they were able to continue this trend with other properties such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man and even Doctor Strange, all of which have enjoyed varying levels of success. Truth be told, these were all gambles at first, no matter how well the superhero genre has been paying off at the box office in recent years.

Regardless, employing a visionary director like Scott Derrickson and boasting visual effects that force one to recall Christopher Nolan’s Inception only helped in allowing the Sorcerer Supreme to rake in $677.7 million worldwide. And with numbers that impressive, one would expect for a sequel to follow, right?

Well, that’s where it gets a bit tricky.

You see, it’s well established that Marvel Studios lays out its plans far in advance, although audibles can often be called. That said, head honcho Kevin Feige recently stated that a followup will likely arrive at some point, just not anytime soon. Basically, he and his colleagues want to put all they have into the films they currently have in the works before piling any more on their plate.

But to be honest, their house is home to a revolving door when it comes to directors, so it’s only understandable that moviegoers ponder the possibility of Derrickson’s return to the director’s chair. Past reports have stated that it’s more than likely, but a recent Tweet posted by the filmmaker hints that some ink may be drying as we speak.

Admittedly, this could’ve been in a fit of whimsy, but you have to concede that the stars are aligning when it comes to Doctor Strange 2. As always, we’ll keep you posted as more develops.