Scott Eastwood Will Star In Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride

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If you have not yet heard of Scott Eastwood, don’t worry, he isn’t exactly a household name. With a short filmography that includes an appearance in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, one almost wonders why his name should even make a headline. The answer is simple: he’s Clint Eastwood’s son. And because he’s Clint Eastwood’s son, it’s curiously apropos that he should be starring in an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ western-themed romance, The Longest Ride.

The Longest Ride tells the story of a 91 year old man trapped by a car crash, who reflects on his past life with his now deceased wife. Not far away, Luke Collins (Eastwood) and college student Sophia Danko fall in love. This being a Nicholas Spark tale, there’s sure to be lots of faux spirituality, passionate romance, and interlocking stories that will amaze us in their melodrama. It is also sure to be a success, given that usual blend of inoffensive sex and people who try to become better human beings.

Eastwood started his acting career when he appeared in his father’s film Flags of Our Fathers, and has since done his time on episodes of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. He has a large number of current projects listed on IMDB as well, so it’s obvious that he’s working hard to make a name for himself in his own right.

Scott Eastwood is a nice looking guy, and perfect for a Nicholas Sparks hero. Being an Eastwood, he’s also perfect to play the part of a romantic cowboy (yes, that’s right: a romantic cowboy). Given that films of Sparks’ novels tend to be incredibly successful, regardless of quality, there’s a good chance that The Longest Ride will help make Scott Eastwood a star in his own right. I can only hope that he’ll make Daddy proud.

Source: Deadline