Scott Pilgrim vs. The Amoeba Music Signing

Just in time for the DVD and Blu-Ray release, the cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World paid a visit to eager fans at the Amoeba Music store in Hollywood California. Fans lined up around the outside of the store in order to get autographs from Director Edgar Wright along with creator of the comic Brian Lee O’Malley.

A number of cast members including Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jason Swartzman, Brandon Routh, Anna Kendrick, Satya Bhabha, Johnny Simmons, Mark Webber and Mae Whitman were also there.

Hardcore fans dressed as their favorite characters from the film, and the scene was full of fans fully dressed as Evil Exes and Ramona Flowers to show their support for the DVD and Blu-Ray release. While some fans opted out of dressing up like characters, others simply lined up for hours to get an autograph and meet the stars of the film.

Jessica Tseang, Kat Rivera, Adam Von Arx and Jenny Tran showed up at 6:45 a.m. on Tues. morning to secure tickets to the signing and were also first in line to receive their autographs on Thurs.

Self proclaimed “big” Scott Pilgrim fan, Adam Von Arx, said he has been reading the comics for several years, even before the film was announced. Von Arx was also very pleased with the outcome of the film and how the best scenes of the comic were done so well.

“I guess I got into it pretty early, around vol. 4 came out,” said Von Arx. “Honestly, I think my favorite scene was the bass battle, cause when I saw they were going to do that I was like ‘this isn’t going to translate’ but it was awesome.”

Andy Sharp was a relatively new fan to Scott Pilgrim, but he still came out dressed from head to toe as evil ex #3, Todd Ingram. Sharp’s interest in Edgar Wright’s directing is what paved the way for his enjoyment of the comics and the film.

“I actually found out about it, five month before the movie came out when I saw the trailer,” said Sharp. “I saw the trailer and said what is this? Edgar Wright? I’m there.”