‘Scream’ 2022 TV spot reveals shocking new Ghostface mask


A new TV spot for the upcoming slasher film Scream reveals a mask unlike any we’ve ever seen on the killer known as Ghostface. As Scream fans already know, Ghostface is best-known for his white mask, black cloak, and bloody knife as he stalks and terrorizes his victims.

In Stab, the fictitious films within the Scream franchise, the killer dons a similar outfit, and even in the Scream series⏤which changed the mask’s overall shape⏤the idea was still there. Ghostface is forever trapped in a silent scream, his victims filling the void as he kills them.

It’s an iconic mask, so when a TV spot premiered that showcased a new look for Ghostface, fans took note. A scene in the upcoming Scream movie finds the killer donning a metallic gold mask instead of his usual white. It also appears that Ghostface will be working with fire in addition to his classic knife.

Some fans have questioned if this could be another Stab moment within the movie while others are wondering if Ghostface might be working with a new partner. Whatever the reason for the mask’s change, fans are interested, and some are feeling all the feels for Ghostface.

Some note that a kill by metallic Ghostface would reflect the victim and add an interesting and tragic spin as he watches the victim die, offering audiences a unique perspective as well.

What do you think about the metallic Ghostface mask? Are you as excited as we are to see Scream when it arrives in theaters on Jan. 14? Let us know in a comment!