Will Scream 5 Happen?

Scream 4 opened on its opening weekend with $18 million, easily on track to make its money back. When the fourth installment was announced, the original plan was to jump-start the series with a new trilogy. After the release of the new film, Dimension Films was hoping to launch into the next two installments. Unfortunately though, E! Online is reporting that Scream 4 won’t be spawning any sequels. Apparently the film isn’t making enough money and the studio isn’t on board anymore.

“If Scream 4 proved anything other than that irony is on its deathbed, it’s that horror reboots have a better chance of survival in the current cinematic marketplace than continuing sagas,” says box office analyst Jeff Bock of Exhibitor Relations. “If there is a Scream 5, expect it to be re-titled Scream, and don’t expect David Arquette, Courteney Cox or Neve Campbell to return unless it’s in a cameo—in the form of a body bag.”

Now Moviehole is reporting that, based on a close contact within the studio, Scream 5 will not happen and that if a new film were to arise, it would likely be straight to video. The proposed new trilogy will end here.

I have yet to see the new Scream film, but I am a fan of the original trilogy. I’m not sure how good the new movie actually is, but I’m excited to see it. Hopefully the film ends up making a good chunk of money and we can see where the story and characters will go. Whether it be in an actual sequel or a direct to video film.