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Scream 5’s Official Title Revealed, And It’s A Bit Confusing

The official title for Scream 5 has now been revealed, but it's a bit confusing as it's not what fans were expecting.


A few crew members may have tested positive for COVID-19, but shooting on Scream 5 managed to persevere and finally wrapped this month, with the post-production process now set to begin as it gets ready for its theatrical release in 2022.

It’s still a long ways off, then, but hopes are high for this new entry in the franchise. After all, compared to most other long-running horror series, Scream has been pretty consistent over the last quarter of a century when it comes to pumping out new films. Of course, none of the three sequels to date have been able to hit the same highs as the post-modern subversions of the genre that characterized Wes Craven’s classic 1996 original, but they’ve certainly been worthy entries for one of horror’s most beloved properties.

And now, with Scream 5 finished filming, Paramount have announced the official title for the project and somewhat confusingly, it’s going to be called Scream. Executive Producer Kevin Williamson took to Twitter to share some photos confirming the news as well and even revealed the title treatment, which you can see below.

Obviously, this is a bit odd given that previous entries all came with a number in their title and many expected Scream 5 to be called just that. But it seems they’re taking a cue from David Gordon Green’s recent Halloween and going with Scream instead.

What that could mean for the plot itself, we can only speculate, but it’s an interesting decision nonetheless and with shooting now wrapped and an official title revealed, it might not be too much longer before we finally get to see some stills or even a bit of footage from the pic.

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