Scream Actor Admits They Haven’t Seen Most Of The Films


If the quote “The Exorcist was on, it got me thinking of you” makes you smile in a devilishly creepy way, or the improvised lines of Stu Macher are some of your favorite lines in the Scream franchise; you’re both a lot like us and likely major fans of Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard. They brought a sense of comedy, charm, and irony to the first Scream film, and they’re both a big part of the story’s success.

While three of the biggest names in the horror franchise will be returning for the upcoming 2022 slasher film, two of our favorites won’t be making a comeback, but that doesn’t stop us from keeping the dream alive anyway. Lillard and Ulrich are infamous as the first Ghostface killers, and both met pretty gruesome ends with the wrap of the first movie.

The pair have been giving interviews about their time in the franchise as the 25th anniversary of Scream approaches and the upcoming addition to the franchise hits theaters in January. Of course, the chemistry between the pair is as evident off-screen as it was when we first saw them navigate their murderous rampage together in 1996—with way less blood and more fun.

Ulrich told People in a recent interview with the pair that he’s excited to see the 5th Scream installment, even if he hasn’t seen the 2nd-4th films. Going into the movie with fresh eyes also gives him a blank page about what he anticipates happening next.

“I have no expectations; I’m excited to see it.”

Lillard jokes that he might have a hard time understanding the movie without watching the last three, and Ulrich simply replies that he’s “older and wiser, now.”

Lillard offers to hold his hand as they watch the movie together before saying that fans should look forward to this next film and that the cast and crew have done their part in honoring Craven’s vision and being excited to be part of the next step in the franchise.

“I think that we’re all excited for the franchise to continue in a good way, in a positive way, and if Neve, Courtney, and David are happy to be a part of it, and are proud to be a part of it, then I think that shows the quality of the film.”

Scream will undeniably be a quality film, and as the trailer—albeit full of misdirects—is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

Scream hits theaters on January 14th, 2022.