‘Scream’ cast pays tribute to Wes Craven in 25th-anniversary video: ‘For Wes’

Image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty

On the 25th Anniversary of the 1996 American slasher, Scream, Paramount Pictures have released a tribute video featuring behind-the-scenes footage and cast interview to honor its visionary director, Wes Craven.

At just under two minutes long, the touching accolade titled “For Wes” includes one-on-one interviews with the Scream cast and crew; Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott); Courteney Cox (Gale Weathers); David Arquette (Dwight “Dewey” Riley); Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, co-directors of the upcoming fifth installment, Scream (2022).

Deemed the “Master of Horror” by those who had the fortunate pleasure of working with him, Wes Craven reimagined the slasher genre with his refreshing take on classic horror tropes in Scream. His co-workers detailed the joys of working under his supervision in just under two minutes. Courtney Cox expressed her admiration by labeling Craven as “an incredible director and an incredible human.” Meanwhile, David Arquette took the more emotional route by saying, “I might start crying if we start talking about Wes.”

Afterward, Neve Campbell chimes in to mention that Wes Craven had been “like a father to all of us.” Her heartfelt words lead to a series of genuinely loving praise. Others describe Craven as a “kind soul” and claim he “made horror cool” with his creative flair.

Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett, Craven’s protégées and the continuation of his legacy, were held in high regard by Arquette, who said, “I was really impressed by Matt and Tyler with how much Wes had had an impression on them.” Between clips from the Scream production and trailer, Campbell and Cox briefly summarize their history with Wes Craven and the understandable apprehension that comes with reinventing the franchise without him.

The cast reassured fans that the latest addition of Scream will honor Wes in all his greatness to eliminate any concerns from Scream fanatics. It will also emphasize his impact, building on his iconic “fear factor” techniques.

Check out the YouTube video above for all the details. Scream will hit theaters on January 14. 2022.