Scream Creator Talks About To Matthew Lillard’s Theory About Stu Macher’s Survival

Image via SpyGlass Media

Scream creator Kevin Williamson opened up about Stu Macher’s survival following the first film’s events. Macher’s survival discussion came about after Matthew Lillard, who played the character, shared his theory on Twitter last year while expressing interest in joining the film’s fifth installment. 

Stu Macher (Lillard) was one of the two killers that wore the Ghostface mask in the 1996 classic, along with Billy Loomis, portrayed by Skeet Ulrich. At the end of Scream, both characters meet their fate, with Loomis getting shot and Macher getting electrocuted after Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) dumped a television on his head.  

Williamson, who wrote for the franchise’s first, second, and fourth installment, revealed during a recent interview with US magazine that Lillard’s character could have possibly survived because he did make a cameo in Scream 2, not as Macher but as an extra. 

He said, “Well, he’s just standing at the frat party in Scream 2. He is an extra! He showed up on set that night. I mean Stu does live forever. It’s interesting.” 

The writer added that, despite Lillard’s previous claims, he received more backlash for killing Jamie Kennedy’s beloved character Randy Meeks in the franchise’s first sequel. Meeks was viciously stabbed to death by Loomis’s mother. 

“I get more flack for killing Randy in Scream 2. I hear, ‘Why did you kill Randy?’ It’s because you really, really liked him!”

The franchise’s fifth installment, simply titled Scream, is set to be released in January 2022.