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‘Scream’ fan power rankings prove you can’t beat a classic

We all know that you don't mess with the original.

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Halloween is almost here, and it’s a scream, baby. From the horrifying to the spine-tingling and the spooky to the haunted, horror aficionados are living their best lives as they rewatch their favorite scary movies. One staple of the Halloween season is the iconic slasher movie, Scream.

Ghostface did such a great job terrorizing the town of Woodsboro that enough films were born to create a franchise. Each movie sees a different evil wearing the iconic mask, but their motives are similar: jealousy, rage, and a need for blood. A Twitter user asked fans to rank all of the films in the Scream franchise, and the responses proved that there’s nothing like curling up with the original.

Almost everyone says that the correct order puts the classic Scream scary movie in the number one spot, and rightfully so. The horror legend was born in the first movie; we learned the motives for Ghostface’s first killings and learned all the characters’ backstories. Not everyone survived Billy and Stu’s brutal rage, but those who did are forever tied to the franchise.

There was something about the original that just couldn’t be redone, rematched, or remade.

This fan was honest and noted that sometimes the follow-up rankings could change. Nothing will ever be as great as the original movie, but the others will come out on top, depending on the day.

After Scream (1996), most fans list Scream 4 as a worthy second-place contender, but the rest of their lists differ among most Ghostface lovers. You have to decide which version of the slasher icon you like best, what kills bother you the least, and which version of the story most appeals to you. While each film has a similar underlying concept, the ways of bringing them to life are very different.

With one week left before Halloween, now is the perfect time to watch every film in the franchise and figure out what your own ranking would look like. Of course, we anticipate Scream being your number one too; you can’t beat it. In fact, Scream 4 says it best in their list of horror rules: “don’t f— with the original.”

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