‘Scream’ reveals new movie poster less than two weeks before premiere

Image via SpyGlass Media

The brilliant minds behind the iconic flasher film Scream are working hard in the weeks leading up to the movie premiere. The highly-anticipated fifth installment of the franchise hits theaters on Jan. 14 and audiences are already buying tickets and picking out which Ghostface merch they’ll be wearing to the theater. 

The Twitter account behind the new film has been interacting with fans and sharing everything from exciting clips to holiday wishes and even new posters. The newest Scream poster is visually stunning and is being retweeted in response to several accounts interacting with the main profile. The tweet reminds soon-to-be audience members not to watch Scream alone, for it’s bound to be too terrifying to see by oneself.

The tagline “It’s always someone you know” is the running theme of the film franchise. The killer has never been random in any of the Scream films ⏤ never someone disconnected from those being killed ⏤ which adds a level of terror to the mix. Which friend in your social circle could snap and become a serial slasher? As always, Scream aims to answer that question.

The account is also having fun with fans today, asking about their escape plans when Ghostface attacks. The witty banter is an excellent marketing strategy and reminds us that the various Ghostfaces are as snarky as they are murderous.

Between new posters and snarky conversations, Scream is running the social media sphere today. Do you have your tickets to see the upcoming slasher film yet? Are you brave enough to see it alone? Let us know in a comment below.