‘Scream’ star cried after her first Courteney Cox & Neve Campbell scene

Image via SpyGlass Media

Good Morning America recently interviewed Neve Campbell and David Arquette — the stars of Wes Craven’s Scream franchise. Over the last two decades, Arquette has portrayed Dwight ‘Dewey’ Riley — a small-town cop turned big-time sheriff — and Campbell has led an all-star cast as the main protagonist, Sidney Prescott.

During the interview, Campbell and Arquette were asked a series of questions relevant to their upcoming movie, Scream — the fifth installment of the long-standing slasher franchise. Arquette recalls his fondest memories portraying Dewey, whereas Campbell discusses the heartwarming moment where Melissa Barrera, an up-and-coming actress, shared a scene with herself and Courteney Cox. As Campbell reiterates, Barrera was overcome with raw emotion upon featuring in a major horror flick alongside veterans of the craft.

For all the details, check out the full interview here.

In her recollection, Neve Campbell said:

Yeah, it was a really sweet moment. Melissa (Barrera), who’s one of the main characters in this film, she had her first scene with Courteney and I, and we started the scene, and they said cut, and she had tears in her eyes! She started crying. And I was like, “What are you – are you okay?” And she was just so excited to work with Courteney and I, and to be a part of the film, that she couldn’t comprehend it. And it was just – yeah, it was adorable. It was really great.

Neve Campbell via Good Morning America/YouTube.

In addition, Arquette was asked to share “what audiences should know” before watching Scream in theaters. He said, “It’s a continuation of this incredible franchise. Wes is in our heart — we love Wes Craven. And he’s just created this amazing franchise that lives on and Tyler and Matt did such a good job directing it, and it’s funny and scary.”

Scream premieres on January 14, 2022.