Scream Star David Arquette Reveals Who He’d Like To See Return To The Franchise


The Scream franchise has been the talk of the slasher/horror fandom lately, and with good reason. From the 25th anniversary screenings to the trailer release — it’s a great time to be a fan of Ghostface. 

It’s also a great time to have been a part of the incredible team who worked together to make the films. The cast and crew have been through a lot together, from the first Scream movie to the upcoming 5th installment.

Of course, being part of a renowned franchise means working with a lot of great talent and forming some beautiful friendships. A few of those friendships will be seen on the big screen again in January as David Arquette, Courteney Cox, and Neve Campbell return to work together to take Ghostface down once and for all.

If Arquette could work with anyone again, who would it be? His answer will likely bring a tear to your eyes, but it’s a genuine one, and he explained during a digital set visit attended by ComicBook that working on the films has given him opportunities to meet so many incredible people.

“I wish I could have worked with Wes more. And he was in the first film as the janitor. I don’t want to get into any stuff like that because it’s hard to talk about it … I really believe in no spoilers and the internet is always guessing and saying things but I loved working with the whole cast of the first [movie]. All the different casts we had throughout the years, they’ve all been really incredible. Henry Winkler! He’s probably the nicest guy you’ve ever met and he was the principal and I think he got killed in the first one.”

Arquette has said on more than one occasion that working on Scream without Craven has been challenging, but that his presence was felt throughout making the movie, allowing them to move forward with the franchise in a way that honors him.

Who would you like to see make a big return to Scream? Let’s talk about it.