Script For Canned Halloween Sequel Surfaces Online


In the opinion of this writer, it’s about time that somebody put out a guide to the Halloween series that’ll help general moviegoers make sense of it. Sure, you and I may know all the specifics, but the timeline is choppier than that of even the X-Men franchise.

Long story short, we had the first six films (well, we should probably exclude Season of the Witch) that remained canonical for the longest time, before H20 disregarded all but the first two, with Resurrection serving as its sequel. Then, Rob Zombie hit the reset button in 2007 as he helmed two pictures set in a universe all their own. And, now, Blumhouse is readying a new take that follows only the 1978 original. Seriously, what the hell?!

Personally, I thought 1995’s Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers to be one of the low points in the series, what with its goofy chosen one-style storyline. Still, as is the case with many long-running franchises, multiple screenplays are often considered, with this one being no exception.

Really, one has to wonder what made that stinker look good by comparison. Fortunately, we now have a better idea of what our alternate universe doppelgangers were forced to endure via a screenplay drafted by Phil Rosenberg that’d have been directed by Evil Dead II writer Scott Spiegel.

According to Dread Central, Halloween 666: The Origin would’ve followed “Dana Childress, a young news reporter from Chicago whose dreams are plagued by the midwest’s most notorious serial killer — Michael Myers. With a news crew in tow (including her interest Robert Clifton), Dana reluctantly travels to Haddonfield to get the scoop on the town’s first Halloween celebration in five years.”

For more on the Halloween that never was – and featured a homeless Michael Myers that openly walked through shelters – know that you can check out a draft of the script by clicking here. Thanks to a fan purchasing it on eBay, that bad boy has now been fully disclosed.