Sean Bean On Board The Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending

I have a real soft spot for Sean Bean. Maybe it’s because he dies in just about every film or TV series he’s made, but I just want to see the guy catch a break and make it all the way through to the credits. Perhaps he’ll manage to do just that in his new role in the Wachowski siblings’ next work, Jupiter Ascending.

Bean joins Jupiter Ascending as a man named Stinger, a Han Solo-ish character who probably does something Han Solo-ish? I’m not being facetious – we know very little about the plot of Jupiter Ascending at this point. The film is supposed to be set at a time when “humans are at the bottom of the evolutionary chain” and will follow a woman “who has been targeted for assassination by the queen of the universe.” Queen of the Universe? Leave it to the Wachowskis.

Jupiter Ascending already has a pretty big name cast before the addition of Bean. Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis and Eddie Redmayne are all signed on, which really makes Bean the old man of the crew.

Bean deserves a break, and not just because he keeps dying in his movies. His last film was Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, that disappointed everyone including Sean Bean. His next screen appearance will be in Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters. So despite that excellent turn as Ned Stark in Game Of Thrones, he is not exactly hitting home runs, is he?

The Wachowskis are an interesting team, though, and Bean has proved before that he can be an interesting actor. While the current description tells us very little of the substance of the film, hopefully we can expect a film closer to The Matrix and further from, say, The Matrix Reloaded.

What do you think about Sean Bean’s role in Jupiter Ascending? Can the Wachowskis pulls off another really good sci-fi, or will it fall the way of Matrix Revolutions? Let us know in the comments section!

Source: /Film