Sean Penn Will Be The Prone Gunman

The Hollywood Reporter is telling us that Sean Penn is being eyed for an action franchise from producer Joel Silver. Though a bit out of left field for the well respected actor, Penn is looking to join Prone Gunman, based on Jean-Patrick Manchette‘s novel of the same name.

If he joins, he’ll take on the role of Martin Terrier, a hired killer who is looking for a way out of the business in hopes of marrying his childhood sweetheart. Of course, it isn’t that easy to leave the hitman business and his company double-crosses him, forcing him to head to Europe in hopes of surviving.

Though it may sound like the actor is close to selling out, Manchette’s story is described as “existentialist and involving explorations of politics as well as the human condition,” so this may be something more than just your average, run-of-the-mill action thriller. There may actually be some depth and substance here. Plus, when you put the project into that context, it’s not hard to see why Penn is attracted.

Honestly, this sounds kind of appealing to me. Sean Penn is a fantastic actor and action hero is just about the only role that he hasn’t taken on yet. I think he could pull it off too and if this turns out to truly be more than just a cookie cutter action romp through Europe, I’ll be in theatres to catch it.

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