Sebastian Stan and Julianne Moore take on New York’s billionaires in new ‘Sharper’ trailer


Heist films are in serious need of some more love these days; the beloved George Clooney-led Ocean’s Eleven has fizzled quite a bit thanks to a pair of lukewarm sequels, the MCU’s Ant-Man films are chiefly scored by their success as superhero flicks, and we haven’t gotten much word on the third Now You See Me film, albeit possibly for the best.

But what if a heist film replaced all the stunts with emotional set pieces? Indeed, it’s high time that one of cinema’s tried-and-true film studios take the reins of the genre, and A24 looks more than up to task if this brand new trailer for the upcoming Sharper is anything to go by. It may break the rules by leaning into more dramatic beats over the heist ones, but it’s just what we expect from a studio that’s never been afraid to shake things up.

Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan star as Madeline and Max, respectively; a contentious mother and son who each seem dead set on rocking the world of Manhattan’s billionaire population. While Madeline takes the route of sleeping her way into the echelons of New York’s elite, Max puts his con artist skills to the test, enlisting his friend Sandra to help intercept an inheritance. As one would expect, trust is a flimsy asset when it comes to dynamics like this, and, as Max likely foreshadows in the trailer, the game that all of these folks are playing together probably isn’t going to end well.

Sharper will receive a limited theatrical release on Feb. 10 before landing on Apple TV Plus on Feb. 17.