Sebastian Stan On Bucky’s Role In Captain America: Civil War


The new trailer for Captain America: Civil War made it clear that a big part of the movie is going to revolve around Bucky and his relationship with Steve Rogers. In Entertainment Weekly’s final piece of coverage, Sebastian Stan has talked about what his character will be bringing to the table in the movie, touching specifically on where we first find the former Winter Soldier when Captain America: Civil War begins.

“[Civil War] pretty much picks up where we last see him in the post‑credit scene in Winter Soldier. Not exactly at the museum, but it’s right around that time. It finds him right in the middle of making significant and terrifying discoveries about himself and his past. And that’s where he’s at the beginning of this movie.”

That’s very interesting, especially as most of us had assumed that months had passed since the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Picking up with Bucky so soon makes perfect sense though, especially as his memories have clearly returned.

Stan then went on to address what exactly Bucky has become following the years he spent as a HYDRA assassin:

“This movie certainly deals with what’s happened to him. I mean, what have we gotten as a result of Bucky and the Winter Soldier? You know, here’s the guy when you merge the two. This is what came out. To me, he’s never really going to be Bucky Barnes again. There’s going be recognizable things about him, but his path through the [experiences of] Winter Soldier is always going be there, haunting him. He recognizes his past, but at the same time he’s sort of a new character, too.”

Finally, the actor went on to share his thoughts on why Captain America makes the decisions he does in Civil War, explaining his rationale behind the decision to reject Iron Man and the Sokovia Accords:

“I think that’s one of the neat things about this movie and the third installment for Steve Rogers. We get to see another side of him. I mean you’d wonder, right? After so many years of being loyal and morally impenetrable and always doing the right thing that he wouldn’t somehow at some point go, “Man, like, what am I fighting for? What’s my life? What am I living for?” I think this movie very much tackles those questions for Steve Rogers. He’s been questioning things I think for a long time and this is where he’s deciding to follow his instincts and not what people tell him is right or wrong.”

Captain America: Civil War is shaping up to be downright incredible, though a huge chunk of the movie is still shrouded in secrecy. Ever since it was announced, fans have been worried that it would gloss over Bucky’s story to focus on the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man, but if these comments are any indication, that isn’t something we’re going to have to worry about.