Sebastian Stan Makes Fun Of Avengers: Infinity War’s Tragic Ending


The tragic ending of Avengers: Infinity War is still too raw for many Marvel fans out there, but someone who worked on the movie can already see the lighter side of the devastating climax in order to poke fun at the iconic final scene of one of his co-stars.

As you’ll no doubt know by now, Infinity War ended with Thanos snapping his fingers and using the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half of all life in the universe – including half of the galaxy’s mightiest heroes. One of the first to turn to dust before their friends’ eyes was Bucky Barnes and in his final moments, the former Winter Soldier cried out to his old pal Steve Rogers before disintegrating.

But what would Bucky have said if he’d got the chance to continue that last line? This was the question Sebastian Stan faced while taking part in a Q&A at Wizard World. Quick as a flash, the actor came up with the perfect answer for what Buck would have said: “Steve, I don’t…I don’t feel so good…”

Stan is, of course, quoting Peter Parker’s final words to Iron Man as he too falls prey to the effects of Thanos’ finger snap. Spider-Man’s demise is widely considered to be the most heartbreaking of all the deaths in the movie, partly because he was the only one who got to give a proper reaction to their fate. The line “I don’t feel so good” has also now become an internet meme, as fans have been quoting it in posts that imagine other fictional characters dying from Thanos’ actions.

But while we laugh away at Stan’s cheeky joke, is it possible that Bucky, Peter and the rest of the fallen heroes will be resurrected in Infinity War‘s untitled sequel, Avengers 4? Well, yes, it’s more than likely, even if the production team have teased that not all of the deaths will be unwritten. Maybe we shouldn’t entertain that idea, though – otherwise we won’t feel so good, either.

Source: Twitter